My Best Half

"Cool Dude"My husband, Rod, is my better half.  Overall he is a pretty cool dude.  I am very lucky to of found him.  It took a few times in life, for both of us, to find each other.  The good news is, we both knew what we were looking for.  That’s what makes us a good team.

Rod and I were married on Valentine’s Day back in ’98.  Jokingly, he claims that getting married on that day won’t let us forget our Anniversary.  I say it’s so he only has to remember one present.  But truth be told, it gives me a break on the gifts also.  But as any long-term married couples know, the gifts wane and just having a good day with each other is worth its weight in gold.

Rod came with two girls and I came with two boys.  Now we have a wonderful blended family.  All the kids are grown now, and only one left in college.  There are a couple of son-in-laws, a potential daughter-in-law and three grandchildren.  We have truly been blessed.

Together, Rod and I have discovered festivals.  It’s now “our thing”.

Rod Had To Have Both Cheeks Painted

The state of Delaware has so many festivals that some weekends we have a hard time deciding which one to attend.  Our adventures also carry us out-of-state to a few festivals we attend every year.

I can honestly say that neither one of us ever thought we would become “those people”, festival people.  But we enjoy the time exploring, together.

I call Rod my better half because he has the humor and quick wit in our team.  His humor was what attracted me to him.  He works hard for the family.  And, I know I can count on him.  Our team has been strong for many years and I only look forward to many more years to come.

Peace Out


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